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Orange County Probate

Are you or someone you know selling a property in North Orange County through the California Probate process?  As you probably already know, this process can be very detailed, and confusing as it's full of pitfalls, timelines and responsibilities.  Feel good knowing that we are here to help you with your probate sale, and we will guide you through the process as painless and as seamless as possible.  

There are many resources available to you... and we would like to offer you the following: 

Here is an example of the probate timeline: 

Here is an example of the Executors responsibilities during the probate process: 


While having an attorney represent you during the Probate process may not be required... it's is always recommended.  We have a great list of professionals that we work with that we would be more than happy to introduce you to, and you can feel good knowing they will take great care of you, and those you know, like and care about.  

Give us a call today for a complementary Market Analysis of the Real Estate Property/s that need to be liquidated or sold.  We would love to help you with your probate sale, as we know that this is more than just another sale, this is about closing a chapter... memories that will be no more... and about new beginnings.